The Elos methodology is highly versatile and its uses are varied. We use our knowledge and experience to develop strategies to support governments, companies and other organizations in order to stimulate and generate transformation in environments and people. The process entails getting to know each context, applying the Appreciative Look in order to find available resources, and using them right away to build the best of all worlds.

Success stories:


Natura Trainee Program

This program stems from a large organization that combines proactivity and initiative (both striking features of the trainees) with Elos methodology, encouraging the use of cooperation as a tool for solving complex problems. It is a rich and challenging environment that provides trainees with the opportunity to learn, build experience and create bonds based on shared values with the institution they work for.


Elos at Canteiro Mais Cultura

This program was a unique opportunity to put our methodology in the service of communities and governments at the same time in order to stimulate discoveries of all the parties potential and talents. Beyond that, we showed that it is possible to dream and perform together. With innovative potential and scope, Elos at Canteiro Mais Cultura aimed to transform the development of public policies, plans and projects.

The great differential in the use of our methodology in this context was by breaking the paradigm of civil society's role in the construction of public policies. The 23 actions implemented in 20 cities were marked by intersectoral dialogue, especially among community residents and government representatives, as well as between representatives of both local and federal governments.

The project represents a milestone of how it is possible to create quality participatory national public policies.


Brazil-Guinea-Bissau Cooperation

Brazil’s proposal for technical cooperation with Guinea-Bissau is a complementary strategy to their existing poverty reduction program and was the first experience using Elos methodology as a tool for international cooperation.


Telefônica Volunteer Day

Elos' participation in the Telefônica Volunteer Day aimed to ensure a lasting effect of the intervention carried out by 2,000 people in order to inspire the community and employees to apply this learning experience to their daily lives, both at home and at work.



The conduction of an Oasis Training in London involving the Newham community, as well as Lush employees and customers, was due to the initiative of the company's sustainability and marketing departments, who sought to offer its staff and customers a positive and proactive experience in their relationship with communities. Traditionally, LUSH does its marketing in terms of environmental causes, taking an activist and anti-establishment approach.