We seek out and find people who want to change the world, who believe this is possible and who want to begin straight away. Our training programs are designed to offer tools to the entrepreneurs who will create the best of all worlds and train them to better use these tools.

Success Stories:

Oasis Africa

When Warriors return to their hometowns, they take with them a challenge: to transform the realities of their own communities by replicating what they learned during the program. Inspired by this idea, in 2011, warriors from 2007, 2009 and 2011 from South Africa and Zimbabwe gathered to carry out an action in Zimbabwe. Young South Africans headed off towards Zimbabwe where they mobilized approximately 450 people during one week carrying out an international Oasis.

Elos Expansion

After more than 10 years applying the Elos methodology and the Oasis Game in different realities, we can safely vouch for its effectiveness in the most diverse contexts. We carefully constructed our partnership with Niels Koldewijn in order to carry out actions and training of European public authorities and social entrepreneurs by training our Dutch partners in Elos methodology both in Brazil and in Holland. Currently, the Elos Foundation, a Dutch organization, is a point of reference for Elos outside Brazil and serves as a solid example of our methodological principles applied to communities who are faced with the challenge of building healthy and sustainable relationships.

Escola de Notícias (School of News)

Warriors Without Weapons are young people with many different aspirations and, for this reason, the ramifications of their experience during the program appear in different fields. However they always have one aspect in common: they strive to make positive impact on society.

Oasis Santa Catarina, a civil society network

Inspiring movements and people is at the heart of who we are and therefore, we consider OASIS Santa Catarina a perfect example of what can happen when we provide society with a powerful community mobilization tool.