We are always seeking forms to perfect our work together with young people and communities and the best way to do this is to apply our methodologies to real-life situations. The Elos Local Development program only exists thanks to an equation which involves partnerships with highly entrepreneurial communities and with one or more sponsoring partners.


Fishing Museum

An ambitious and challenging project that gathered hundreds of students in order to revitalize the Santos Fishing Museum, which had been abandoned for 11 years. It was an inspiring experience that awoke in five young students the realization that a community’s wisdom is a valuable transformational tool. It was also a milestone with regards to the materialization power of a group of people mobilized by a shared dream.


An experience marked by cooperation between several different sectors in favor of a community’s development, proving that a community can go far when its residents are aware of their power and when their relationship network is broadened. The first joint action between the Downtown Tenements Association and Elos was to build a square, in 2003, in the first Oasis Game experience. Since then, the Paquetá community has established several partnerships on their own, including with Instituto Elos and is creating a history full of accomplishments that include a national award for the best local development practice.


Partnered up with Instituto Elos since the beginning, Juréia (located in the Ribeira valley) is charming due to its cultural and environmental uniqueness. This caiçara community represented by the Juréia Youth Association, together with Instituto Elos and Núcleo Oikos, is creating strategies for job and income generation based on local know-how and abilities. We hope this Local Development experience in Juréia, can serve as an inspiring success story for other communities to develop their products and fair trade networks so that they can increase local income.