Comunidades OASIS


São Cristóvão

Salvador - BA

Oasis Training 2009

The community of São Cristóvão is made up of many young people and, consequently, lots of creativity and willingness. Through theater groups, capoeira and music, the arts are present and alive in the daily life of these approximately 200,000 residents, who are also blessed with wide open green spaces that bring beauty to the location.

Mangue Seco

Bertioga - SP

Oasis Training 2011
With many enthusiastic people in their community, Mangue Seco has many passions. One of them can be seen in the actions carried out by a group of mothers who, together with the school principal, made it so that the neighborhood school could be a space available to the community. Popular manifestations are also strong, such as the typical Festa Junina (traditional winter festivities) and soccer games, including Mangue Seco’s very own soccer team!

Comunidade São Paulo

Bissau - Guiné Bissau

Oasis Training 2010 – 2011
This community, which carries the name of Brazil’s biggest city, is characterized by its diversity – different religions, different talents. Since São Paulo is a semi-rural community, it has many manual crafts, such as brick masonry, agriculture, carpentry and handicrafts. Their cultural traditions are very strong, from straw plaiters and seamstresses all the way to the manufacturing of typical musical instruments. The community’s dance and music groups perform professionally!

Vila Margarida

São Vicente - SP

Oasis Training 2010
This community is defined by its strong family ties, which reflect their greatest talent: union. Here you can find polite and energetic children all over and a local NGO called the Carandá Project that works with these little ones. Another village feature are the artists that work with mosaics, as well as the many residents with gardening experience and who make the community’s daily life more beautiful.

Santa Isabel

São Paulo - SP

Oasis Training 2010

This community counts on the presence of strong social organizations. Its rural location on the shore of the dam is also part of its identity.


Cajamar - SP

Oasis Training 2010

A semi-rural community full of hills with lots of farm animals, a welcoming people and a slower-paced lifestyle. There are many carpenters, artisans and inventors and they all count on a resident’s association.

Kleine Wereld

Amsterdã - Holanda

Oasis Training 2010

One of this community’s features is the close presence of children. Residents come from 18 different countries and bring great ethnic and cultural diversity.