Who founded ELOS?

Alexandre Esteves, Edgard Gouveia Jr, Mariana Gauche Motta, Natasha Mendes Gabriel and Rodrigo Rubido Alonso founded Instituto Elos. Only Mariana, Natasha e Rodrigo are still part of the team.

Do you receive any government help?

No. Elos is not part of any government assistance program, but has had several of its programs approved in government bidding announcements and has been contracted several times by municipal and federal governments. We have also carried out and implemented different types of projects in partnership with municipal, state and national governments.

Are the people who work for Elos volunteers?

We rely on a permanent and paid team of employees and occasionally count on the help of young people in training by means of a service provision contract, an internship or volunteer work. We rely on the support and participation of a great number of people to carry out our actions: young entrepreneurs, community residents, local commerce representatives etc. We consider these people to be process “participants” rather than volunteers.

How do you survive?

We work with a sustainability strategy that unites service provision with fundraising.

How long has Elos been around?

The experience that led way to Elos began in 1996. Elos was formally founded in 2000.

Does Elos have branches in other cities or countries?

No. Elos’s headquarters are in Santos, São Paulo, where all team members reside. It is from here that we plan actions in other cities, states and countries, together with a local partner.

Onde fica o Elos?

Rual Marechal Hermes, 37 Boqueirão – Santos-SP

What is Elos?

A non-profit non-governmental organization which aims to propel the movement of building the world we dream of right now. Read more about who we are

Can Elos come and hold an Oasis game in my community?

Elos has a planned schedule for the year which makes it difficult to fit in unplanned actions. However, we created the OASIS precisely so that more communities could be benefited, even when our team is not available. Our suggestion is that you seek out one of our young partners from the Warrior network to help you out; this might be a good way to begin.

Who can participate in an OASIS game?

Men, women, children… anyone who has a dream for their community and is willing to make it come true.

Can I hold an OASIS in my community?

We like to say that anyone can hold and OASIS if certain principles are observed. We always recommend the participation of a facilitator with prior OASIS experience and we take two scenarios into account:

  1. You wish to carry out an OASIS in your community; in this case, you know your community’s internal codes very well and will be present to deal with all the consequences of your action. Study up on how to conduct an OASIS, watch the videos, read all available material and meet up with a facilitating oracle: someone who can guide your steps towards carrying out an OASIS.
  2. You wish to give your community an OASIS game as a gift, but you do not live there. Since you will not suffer all of the impact generated by your action in the community, we consider this scenario to be more challenging and we suggest that you carry out the action only if you can count on the support of an experienced facilitator. (inserir link para a rede de Guerreiros)
What is the OASIS?

It is a community mobilization tool of free use, developed by Instituto Elos and utilized by the Institute itself and by young entrepreneurs in different parts of the world.

How can I participate in the Warriors Without Weapons program?

Fill out your pre-registration form and we will send you more material and information. Click here!

When will the next edition of Warriors Without Weapons take place?

January 5 to February 5, 2014. For more information write to us at fernando@institutoelos.org

What are the pre-requisites for participating in Warrior Without Weapons?

You must be 18 to 35 years old and be approved through the program’s selection process. The first step is to fill out a pre-registration form, after which you will receive more information about the program.

What is Warriors Without Weapons?

It is a training program offered by Instituto Elos every two years in Santos.


Who are the Warriors Without Weapons?

Warriors Without Weapons are young people who participated in the Warrior Without Weapons program. Currently, there are over 300 spread all throughout the world.