Moving together transforms

Support our collective campaign and join the movement of transformation with your monthly contribution

In the last 20 years Instituto Elos has propelled a movement to make the world we dream of a reality, now. With our movement we overcome social and environmental challenges locally and globally by working collectively towards the world we dream of.

After many years of giving impulse to this movement we are entering a new phase to build bigger dreams and accomplish amplify our impact.

To take on the many challenges and opportunities for building the world we dream of, we have understood deeply that only by moving together can we make transformation.

With our work we reached over 519 youth and impacted 24 communities in Brazil, spread Elos’ Philosophy through over 49 countries, working in more than 300 communities in Brazil and abroad, impacting over 20,000 people all over the world.

One of the key ways to guarantee the continuation of this movement, is to create a solid and sustainable foundation that creates a strong container for continuation of our work. Financially and beyond. Only through collective support can transformation really happen. We would be honoured if you would join us as a Guardian of Transformation by offering a monthly contribution to support our work. With 600 Guardians, we believe we can realize many dreams including securing the continuous realization of the Warriors Without Weapons program, which works with the 60 Warriors on site in Brazil every year, local communities and their re-evolution.

Become a guardian and your monthly contribution will propel for major developments:

– The 32 day Warriors Without Weapons program (aka GSA) is transforming into an 2 year journey,

– the Comunidades Emprendedoras program is giving shape to a network of community entrepreneurs in the Santos region,

– a new online platform will support continuation of inter-local transformation

– with our soon to be constructed Elos Center, we start a new chapter of scaling our potential for trainings throughout the year

– through the construction of this center using ecologically sound methods, we will be a living example that sustainable transformation is possible.

Find out more about what kinds of projects and activities at Elos your contribution will support and stay connected to the projects via our transformation blog. By reading on, you can also learn more about how your money will concretely make a difference to this world.

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