How can I build a better world right now, acting from where I am and the position I occupy in my organization and in the world?

Elos New Leaders is a 5 day intensive program conceptualized and conceived to provoke in leaders the development of competencies necessary for action in complex environments.  Our program is distinguished by its quality of learning through action, and allows participants to interact with youth from the Guerreiros Sem Armas program and vulnerable communities.

Learning through action takes the participants through the Elos Philosophy, recognized by national and international governments, companies and organizations for its pragmatism and power to bring change. The program will give you tools and knowledge to be in service of the development of a culture of abundance and collaboration that stimulates positive change.

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An exclusive experience with
Guerreiros Sem Armas!

Guerreiros Sem Armas is an international youth program developed by Instituto Elos in 1999 that offers hands-on learning in leadership and social entrepreneurship.The program capacitates around 60 young leaders per year, mobilizing for the construction of common spaces in vulnerable communities and supporting the development of projects and local businesses for social and economic transformation.

Within Guerreiros Sem Armas, Elos New Leaders offers a unique opportunity for the participants to spend time with youth that are entrepreneurs in different countries, sharing challenges and finding creative solutions to make collective dreams and projects into reality.

Activities happen during 5 full days in blocks of up to 14 hours each, interweaving lived experiences, theory and conversation in the classroom and moments of direct interaction with the communities and participants of Guerreiros Sem Armas.

WHEN: second semester.

WHERE:  to be defined for 2020.

INVESTMENT:  R$4900 (around USD 1200).  This covers the educational and infrastructural costs of the course, not including housing, food and transportation to the city where the course takes place.




Rodrigo Rubido is an architect and entrepreneur, partner in the company Ânima Arquitetura and co-founder of Instituto Elos.  He is a facilitator and co-creator of Elos’ methodologies, the Oasis Game and the program Guerreiros Sem Armas, an international course that trains young leaders from diverse countries to be agents of social transformation in their cities and countries.  He is also a consultant and speaks internationally on the subjects of social entrepreneurship, participative leadership and community mobilization, having worked with companies such as Itaú, Natura and Telefônica. In 2010 and 2011 Rodrigo worked to spread the Elos methodology in the Netherlands, training Dutch professionals and consulting with the Amsterdam city government on the subject of local development processes.  In 2017 he was named one of four global leaders by the Tällberg Foundation.


Aser Cortines is an engineer with a master’s degree from COPPE/UFRJ, partner in Cortines & Sebastiá Assessoria em Gestão Empresarial and advisor for a few non-profit organizations.  As an executive, he spent 6 years as the Vice President of Urban Development at Caixa Econômica Federal. He was a professor of Economics and Administration at the Universidade Federal Fluminense, in the post-graduate program in Production Engineering at COPPE/UFRJ, the MBA program in Finance at the Instituto Braasileiro de Marcado de Capitais, IBME/RJ and in a few other post-graduate programs at the Fundação Getulio Vargas.  Aser was also the director and facilitator of programs for executives of Amana-Key and the Universidade da Experiência.


The most striking fact during my participation was the speed with which the concepts, experiences and visions were shared and assimilated. Without hands-on experience, these elements could not be assimilated. Only a structured and dense program like this can bring that return in such a short time.

André Martini


The feeling is that it lasts much longer than just five days - there are many stories to tell, many experiences, many connections to expand the possibilities for people to think and act.

Felipe Villa


Instituto Elos, through programs such as GSA and Oasis, is a fantastic reference of the new qualities that we want to see flourish in our society. The Elos Philosophy summarizes some of the qualities that already weave a more cooperative, loving and sustainable society. AMAZING!

José Bueno


It's an pptimal environment to learn new ways and tools to build a world a little more just and provide new possibilities for vulnerable communities.

Jorge Mendiondo


It is wonderful to see that meaningful learning brings pieces together like a huge puzzle. I am a teacher and I have never stopped studying, but the contact with the Elos Philosophy allowed me the satisfaction of bringing together all the knowledge experienced throughout my family and school education. I have worked with OASIS in schools in my region and I am finding it very amusing to make the connections of knowledge and build a new way of living.

Cristina Gouveia


Even after 26 years of working with communities, it was innovative to partake this course - which I recommend to everyone. Elos' working model shows that anything is possible! We left the discourse and went to practice, uniting people of different nationalities and realities for a common goal.

Francisca Adalgisa


I learned that bringing community participation is essential to achieve efficient results. It is remarkable to see that the community I worked on continues to develop what was done during our hands on.

Eliana Kitahara


What impacted me the most was the presence of children in the community, and the difference that this work can make in their lives. It brings a different perspective to the lives of these children, shows that they can go further. They will have seen different people, from different languages working together. The power of a collective dream.

Maracélia Teixeira


as lideranças pela transformação do olhar sobre oportunidades e possibilidades de evolução pessoal e pela elevação do nível de consciência, a partir de vivências e ações reais;

uma forma diferente de agir diante de questões complexas, superando adversidades a partir de ações coletivas e colaborativas, ampliando a visão de negócios;

pela vivência comunitária, a capacidade de realização coletiva e de obter resultados com pessoas e não através de pessoas;

 a habilidade de relacionar as ações vivenciadas com o contexto das organizações e preparar os participantes para levar a experiência para o dia a dia nas suas organizações;

o processo de transformação/inovação em uma experiência divertida de engajamento;

 as 7 Disciplinas da Filosofia Elos como ferramentas para identificar diferentes oportunidades de atuação junto aos diferentes stakeholders da empresa, impactando diretamente em seus resultados.

The program is guided by an innovative philosophy that propels people in the direction of their dreams and the collective dreams of a community (whether or not it be a corporate environment).  Everything is based on cooperation, a shared purpose, and the idea of doing things “right now” in a pleasurable and fun way.


the program allows for participation in a real process of transformation with youth from all over the world as well as inhabitants of local communities;


Relationships with people of different cultural and social origins, with a sharing of visions and expectations in favor of a common goal


the design of the program includes fun practices and social technologies specially indicated for the exercising of specific human values.  The program instills a culture of daily care, which is fundamental for establishing new ways of relating to people and to developing policy of social responsibility and sustainability;


the participant exercises the ability to evaluate what is happening around them and starts to contemplate the expectations of all parties involved.  In this way, the program brings benefits to everyone who gets involved: participants, local community and organizations.