Elos offers diverse trainings that allow people to experience new emerging values in our society and live personal and collective transformation first-hand, so that they can understand the real meaning of life in community and perceive that they can realize what so many consider impossible.  Our mission is to train people who are capable of implementing the change that the world needs.


Guerreiros Sem Armas

GSA is an international course that brings together youth from all around the world that have one thing in common:  an urge to change the world. The annual course is divided into 4 parts, which happen online and also in a 30 day immersion that involves interaction and learning with local communities. 


Elos New Leaders an intensive program conceptualized and conceived to provoke in leaders the development of competencies necessary for action in complex environments.  Our program is distinguished by its quality of learning through action, and allows participants to interact with youth from the Guerreiros Sem Armas program and people from the local communities. 


Espaço Elos

THE ESPAÇO ELOS (Elos Space) was born to be a concrete example of the world that we dream of, an innovative experience of living in community and welcoming diversity.  Our team practices the Elos Philosophy on a daily basis and our model of learning is one of action and lived experiences.

A course that uses the Elos Methodology and the Oasis Game to gather local talents and resources and transform people and places using collective dreams as a jumping off point in just 7 steps!

Target audience:  community leaders, students, people interested in transformation of public spaces.


Transforming teams, a program guided by Aser Cortines, has as its central objective the offering of new pathways for solutions to your organization’s problems, uniting professional experience with community wisdom and a social transformation lens.

Target audience:  community leaders, university students, public and private sector professionals, and those interested in entrepreneurship


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