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We are a social education organization that strengthens people's ability to transform their reality


The orchestra of dreams

As part of the Hub of Social Innovation EDP Foundation program,the Oasis Training Lisboa took place during the month of September 2012 with the participation of 27 young people,community leaders and social workers. Find out more about it on the words of Virgílio Varela, coordinator of the program in Amadora, Lisboa.
The initiative was .

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Edible and shared beauty: gardens from US inspiring our dreams

Vacation or learning trip? Paulo and Ariane had a little of both and came back from vacation inspired and motivated to create an edible garden at Elos. Their excitement was contagious and the whole team joined their dream, such and inspiring experience is worthy to share. Read the article to get inspired you too!

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120 x the best of worlds: will you take the challenge?

The Warriors Without Weapons 2012 ended on July 25th and since then the Warriors didn’t stop thinking planning and acting to materialize dreams. The result is Oasis popping up every where from Kenya to Curaçao. It is happening again in Aldeia, one of the communities of the program, and the Warriors are collaborating in each others actions. Worthy to read to keep up with what is going on around the globe!

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Dreams continuity

Everybody wants to know what happens after the buss of the Oasis Game. This story is an amazing case of what a inspired and empowered group of people is able to do after an Oasis experience.

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Learn to transform is what moves us

“The Elos Philosophy gives us a vision of unity, respect, equality, and companionship, and all of this helps us in our day to day life, whether it is at home, work, in traffic, with friends, or any other situation.”  Marcinha, Vivo a Praça Oasis Experience participant at Kissao Tokita Square”  
“Instituto Elos has demonstrated an incredible ability to balance the points of view of different actors in civil society, businessmen, institutions and communities.  ADM uses this concept of business – community integration with great satisfaction.” Eduardo Rodrigues, Regional Director of Ports and Logistics”
“When we return, the challenges are the same, but our eyes begin to see other possibilities.  Whenever you need them, a strong person will be near: you! And when you forget this, there is a community of Guerreiros Sem Armas to remind you who you are.”  Emygdio Carvalho (GSA2009)”  

For us the best method is to perform together


projects with foundations, institutes, and ONGs, associations


partnerships with government, including international agencies, federal government, ministries, state governments, secretariats and city halls


works directly with private companies.


Global Leaders 2017 Rodrigo Alonso is chosen as one of four new Global Leaders because of his work with Instituto Elos.  He is chosen alongside people whose work is an example of the type of leadership necessary in the world  
Logo Certificação Phomenta
A metodologia desenvolvida pelo Instituto Elos é citada na pesquisa de abrangência nacional “O Sonho Brasileiro” realizada com jovens de todo o país
In 2010, the Ministério da Cultura (Culture Ministry) considered Elos a notable organization for its work with community mobilization.
Selo Melhores ONGs
In a pioneer initiative with Instituto Doar and Revista Época, Instituto Elos is recognized as one of the 100 best NGOs in Brazil for its management and its transparency with resources.
The best seller from American author Margaret Wheatley dedicated a chapter of the book “Walk Out, Walk On” to the actions of Elos, specifically the program Guerreiros Sem Armas

Come and discover that it is possible to transform the world.