The Oasis Game is a community mobilization tool developed by Instituto Elos to materialize collective dreams. The game involves players and communities, bringing together people from many different areas of society such as NGOs, local government, nearby businesses and the community itself. It was conceived to be applied at no cost and in a fully cooperative way so that, together, all participants can accomplish a common goal. The design of the Oasis Game strives to allow all players to be winners, without exception.

How does it work?

Where is it happening?

Would you like to organize an Oasis?

How to start?

First things first: take a look at our videos and read the Elos’ Manual Pocket Manual.

What is needed to organize an Oasis?

First of all, a lot of energy! And of course a community where the action will take place.

Where can I find references of what to build in my Oasis?

We have a board on the social network, Pinterest, full of inspiring ideas for people willing to organize a spectacular Oasis. Take a look here >> 

Where can I find the Oasis Game playing cards?

You’ll find the cards on our Issuu page, here’s the link: http://issuu.com/elos/docs/jogo_oasis___cartas___ingles 

I’ve organized an Oasis, what would be the next step?

Now that you’ve applied the Oasis Game, we want your feedback. You can contribute with the larger Oasis Movement and help improve the game by answering a few questions here:

Where do you suggest I publish pictures of my Oasis?

This is a great idea! Create a facebook group, name it with the same name as the Oasis (e.g. Oasis Kibera) and publish all pictures and information there.

Is there any other important detail?

Yes! It is very important to know how many people participated in your Oasis and to register what happened during the game using photos and videos.

I’ve chosen a community, what is next?

If you already chosen a community and know the date of the action, it is time to include your Oasis on the Map.