(English) Changing the conversation

World Café was the inspiration for a very creative brazilian group to create a way to freely expess ideas and build knowledge collectivelly.
Eletrocooperativa actions and creations invite us again and again to reflect, propose and create, the new reality of the world we want to live in.
About teir work in their own words: Our sustainable selves is a movement created from the formation work process for young people in Eletrocooperativa institute. The basis of it is the self sustainability of the human being. It is to turn ourselves from the old patterns to a new perspective. It brings to us a new life, a new look, it makes us stronger because we start to notice that we are capable to do the best we can with what we have. It is to learn by ourselves and with other people’s experiences, to build our way looking for different things, for transformation. It makes a hole being with four dimentions: politic, environmental, cultural and economical.
For now take a look at this video or visit their website http://eletrocooperativa.org.br/instituto/for-english-speakers/

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