Dreams continuity

by Thaís Polydoro
School Health Center Barra Funda “Dr. Alexandre Vranjac” celebrates the inauguration of the gym center, which construction was started during the Day of Volunteers Telefonica (DVT) 2011.

How nice to be invited to witness the inauguration of the space gym and physiotherapy, it is a great achievement of the people from the CSEBF. Our first contact was in April 2011 when Instituto Elos started neighborhood mobilization for DVT, that would happen later that year, and since then this group never stopped the good work!
From the beginning, community health workers and some employees from the CSEBF attended the mobilization meetings for definition of the actions to be accomplished, since the 5 sites of action and all event activities are decided based on the DREAMS of residents and users of the spaces (learn more details of this process here).
At the Health Center, one of the collaborators’ dreams was to have a space for physical exercises that could be used both for the team and for patients’ rehabilitation and physiotherapy . Throughout 2011, the strategies were set, and the infrastructure was built so in the Day of Volunteers, a large group participated in this work front and built part of the space (read about DVT 2011 here). The completion of the wooden construction happened after a few more days of work, when Gilson and Dauro Prado finished assembling the structure of the pergola and deck, which subsequently gained a cover glass.

O sonho já estava bem perto! O  grupo de colaboradores do Centro de Saúde continuou  mobilizando-se para conseguir recursos para vedações  laterais, equipamentos, instalações elétricas,  além de  organizar muitos mutirões  fora da jornada de trabalho.
The dream materialization was already pretty close! The group of employees of the Health Center continued working organizing working camps and  mobilizing resources for the walls, electrical installations and purchase of equipments.
No dia 11 de setembro de 2012 a inauguração do espaço celebrou a importante conquista! Em mim, ficou a felicidade de ver a revolução que este grupo fez inspirado pelo que vivemos juntos!
On September 11, 2012 the inauguration of the space celebrates a major achievement! I carry with me the happiness of witnessing the revolution this group promoted on their local of work inspired by what we’ve lived together!

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